Seductive, beautifully executed music that has traveled from the heart of Brazil to Australia. A 'mistura fina' of OzBrazilian jazz, samba & bossa nova that weaves the unmistakably lush voice of Anje West with the vibraphone of Kym Ambrose and their band of musical brothers.

Madcouch's music has taken them from hometown Brisbane to concert stages in Brazil and back again to some of Australia's biggest world, jazz & folk festivals. The summer of 2012/13 was spent on tour in Brazil, playing with legendary drummer Marcio Bahia, bassist Mazinho Ventura and guitarist Dino Rangel, and the band brought Marcio to Australia in March 2014 as the ambassador for their Saideira Brazilian Festival, and for a series of masterclasses, workshops and special performances.

The coming year brings more shows around Sth.East Queensland, and the occasional festival appearance and tours interstate. 

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"The View From Madeleine's Couch are one of the most exciting live acts I've ever seen across all genres of music. They look like they're effortlessly channeling immense energy and the sound that hits your ears is just filled to the brim with beauty. The music is intricate and exudes stunning creativity - but they still manage to just plain rock out"       Greg Gottlieb, music journalist

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